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New Character, Beast

New System, Discrimination

Transfer Discrimination(1)

Transfer Discrimination(2)

Beast Weapon

Soul Transfer System

Darkness Weapon(Mukon)

Golden Castle War

Hammer of Craft

Socket Hole

Socket Gem&Socket Revision 

Diamond Castle War

Darkness Profession(Darkness Job, 4th Job)

Non PVP/PVP Map Issue

MuKon Weapon

Power of Disaster:  Darkness Armor [Shin White Dragon]

Marble Enhancement 

Reset a Discrimination's State 

Sealed Item(locked item) 

1st, 2nd job  (~level 100)

Discrimination Soul Stone(Weapon/Armor) 

PayPal Cash Delay error code 999 

Mine Area / Golden Castle

How to get Socket Harmonizer? 

Unrefined Mineral (Mine)

How Do I get the mining skill?

Yellow River Remains (Darkness Map)

Honor points/Ranking system

Discrimination item

New Map, Dark Night!

New Darkness map, Wutai Mountain

How to become a Divine Class?

Quest Guide(Lesson6~Darkness~4th job~Lesson7~Lesson8)

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