When an installation/launch stalls, freezes or stutters, it could be related to a number of different factors.

Below you can find some troubleshooting points which could assist in resolving the issue.

Running as Administrator

If you are not running the game as an administrator, it could cause unexpected issues.

To set the installation/game client to run as administrator, please do the following:

1. Right-click the Setup file/Game client
2. Click on Properties
3. Under the Privilege Level section, check the box which states Run this program as administrator
4. Click Apply
5. Click Ok

This should now run the installation/game client on an administrator level.

If you are not the administrator of the PC you are using, you will need to contact the person responsible for this directly.

Antivirus Software

PC security software can sometimes conflict with the client installation process.

In order to ensure that your anti-virus program is not interfering, we would recommend that you add the setup file/game client to the exception list in the software directly.

If you are unsure how to do this, please consult the documentation that came with the software, or alternatively, contact the manufacturer directly through their website.

Background Applications

Having a number of background applications open while you are installing the game may affect the installation/launch process.

Depending on how your PC is set up, active Web Browsers, Downloads and Streaming Media can all cause potential issues.

Try shutting these applications down and then re-start the installation process once more to see if these are the cause of the issue.